I have been using the lip balms for the last year.
I love the fact that is a truly handcrafted product.
And as a guy I like that it doesn’t make my lips all shiny like if I had put lip stick.
My favourite is the lemon/vanilla, yum like gelato!

Hervé Lapuente -

I was visiting Austin last month and wanted something from there when I got home, so I ordered a couple of the Gardeners hand salves and 1 bottle of Drowsy Drops. I love them! Pleasantly surprising how good they smell, I never get tired of it, like you want to bathe in it (I also use the drops when I know I’m gonna be in a stressful situation, like rush hour traffic). Just very attractive scents, in cute packaging. Beautiful design, looks like a lot of thought went into it, very cared-for concept. I love that everything is organic, and it makes you feel good that she puts so much time into making sure to be environmentally friendly AND healthy for you. Couldn’t be happier. Gong to try the Rose & Frank and one of the scrubs next time. Suggestion: could you make something for headaches? I would totally buy a migraine remedy. Thanks from Wisconsin!

Vivian -

I got the Gorgeous Rose face serum as a birthday present for my mom, and she loves it! She says nobody understands dry skin, but that the oil really works for her. She was already using olive oil on her arms and legs for years, so she was super excited to try oil for her face. She sends me selfies every day. “Look how smooth my skin is”. Now I have a great website to get her presents! Thank you, and I loved the cute little bag it came in!

Rafaela - Marula Oil