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512organics bottle of pre-radiation breast cancer oil step 1 on laser cut wood512organics bottle of pre-radiation breast cancer oil step 1 back label on laser cut wood512organics bottle of breast cancer oils soothing spray on laser cut wood512organics bottle of breast cancer oils soothing spray back label on laser cut wood512organics bottle of breast cancer oil step 3 on laser cut wood with wood in background512organics bottle of breast cancer oil step 3 back label on laser cut wood

Breast Cancer Radiation Protecting and Repairing Kit (All 3 steps)


Empower your skin and keep it as healthy as possible by preparing for radiation in advance. Up to 95% of women develop radiation dermatitis during treatment for breast cancer, and using therapeutic oils to keep your skin hydrated and prepared to heal quickly is a bonus when your immune system can use a helpful boost.

We’ve developed 3 products with your radiation-impacted skin in mind:

Step 1: Pre-Radiation – hydrating, strengthening and protecting

Formulated to contain the most intensely hydrating and bio-available oils, providing vital nutrients to the skin and delivering antioxidants known for protecting and promoting skin wellness. Essential to start applying these oils 1-2 weeks prior to beginning radiation. Scented with lavender and chamomile roman to instill cool composure, lessen anxiety and encourage emotional balance.

 Step 2: Soothing Spray – calms and cools the skin in between radiation sessions

Light and soothing, containing ingredients known for their anti-inflammatory properties. In a spray form, to minimize the need for rubbing areas that may be inflamed and tender from radiation burns. Mist onto irradiated areas as needed, several times a day. Scented with essential oils of lavender and lemongrass for stress relief, mood lifting and relieving anxiety.

Step 3: Radiation Repair – skin renewal and regeneration after radiation sessions

Formulated to work at repairing and renewing skin cells and tissue as you sleep. Each night after radiation treatment, apply gently with fingertips and allow to absorb passively (may also be used during the day for extra repairing potential). Contains oils that are well-known for increasing the skin’s ability to repair itself by promoting cell turnover and renewal, which is vital to rapid healing of the irradiated area. Scented with rose absolute and essential oil of frankincense, for increasing trust and self-acceptance, enhancing emotional well-being, and uplifting the spirits. Centers and stills the mind. A gentle tonic of the heart.

Essential and therapeutic oils for healthiest skin during radiation treatments for breast cancer. If you’re looking for ways to help a loved one with breast cancer, these oils are created with the intention of offering comfort and caring during radiation treatments, and boosting the spirit with aromatherapy. Also sold individually (see listings). Purchasing complete kit offers a total savings of $12. 

Step 1 Pre-Radiation ingredients: calendula-infused sweet almond, grapeseed and/or coconut oils, marula oil, chamomile roman, lavender, carrot seed oil and non-gmo vitamin E. Directions: Apply to skin twice daily for 2 weeks prior to radiation. Massage gently until absorbed.

Step 2 Soothing Spray ingredients: calendula hydrosol, chamomile hydrosol, lemongrass essential oil, lavender essential oil, tea tree essential oil and non-gmo vitamin E. Directions: Spritz skin 2-3 times a day after radiation & allow to absorb.

Step 3 Radiation Repair ingredients: sunflower oil, marula oil, castor oil, calendula-infused grapeseed oil, rose-infused grapeseed oil, rosehip seed oil, rose absolute, frankincense and non-gmo vitamin E. Directions: Apply to skin once or twice a day on radiation days. Massage very gently until absorbed, or simply cover with a soft, clean cloth & allow to absorb.

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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 12 x 10 x 3 in

Pre-radiation, Soothing Spray, Radiation Repair

  • Anita Lane

    5 out of 5

    I’m so glad you are now making these amazing products available to anyone going through radiation!

    Here is my story about using these products:
    I contacted Brenda last October, asking if she could make a product to protect my skin and tissue, as I was about to go through three weeks of daily radiation for breast cancer. I hated the thought of putting my body through that much radiation, but the statistics weren’t great for my health if I skipped it.
    I had used other 512organics products before, and I appreciated that all of her products were made with love and the cleanest, highest quality ingredients, so I reached out to her. Brenda researched what radiation does to the body, and then researched what organic ingredients have been proven to help with the damaging effects from radiation. And that’s what she put in these products. For three weeks before radiation, I used the pre-radiation oil [Step 1] on the breast that was going to be radiated. When I went to radiation, before I put my bra and shirt back on to leave the clinic, I sprayed that breast with the soothing spray [Step 2] and went back to work. At night I would saturate that same breast with the Radiation Repair oil [Step 3].
    After a week or so of the radiation, my breast started itching a little and it broke out with a few tiny bumps. I started using the Spray and the Repair a lot more. Anytime it itched, I saturated it with the Repair oil. I finished the daily radiation and “the boost” with NO burning, NO blistering, NO missing of work or daily life. I was able to wear a bra throughout the entire process. This is not typical at all. I attribute the ease of my experience to Brenda’s oils (and a positive attitude too!).
    After I finished the radiation, I continued to use the Repair oil for 6 more weeks because of residual itching, and because I wanted ALL of the discoloration on that side of my chest to go away. Now if you were to see my chest, you could not see the three surgery scars or any discoloration. This is VERY unusual. I’ve seen other women’s breasts a long time after they finished radiation and the skin discoloration was still there. My oncologist, radiologist and my massage therapist were all impressed with how well my skin looked.
    I can not stress enough that you really do not want to go through radiation without these products. I know that they helped my skin, my breast tissue, my scarring and my emotions going though this treatment process. Thank you so much, Brenda!

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