The hunt for an organic lip balm that smelled amazing and knocked my socks off is what got this whole thing started. A small fortune was spent at Austin’s health foods stores, trolling the aisles for lip balms that promised to live up to a relatively simple standard: Be great. Don’t hurt me.

The variety is astounding: expensive, mass-produced, handmade, exotic ingredients, fun scents, you name it. Some came close to being wonderful. Some weren’t even in the ball park. Popular brands (that sell a lot of lip balm!) were underwhelming and some of the “all natural” were chock-full of weird-sounding chemicals. Plus, it just has to feel right, right?

I dove into making it myself. How hard could it be?

Time showed me that it’s not that simple (if your standards are squeaky clean), but eventually the conjuring and concocting was perfected until the lip balm in that jar was just exactly right.

The spirit of handmade, eco-friendly, organics and sustainability took hold. Soon store-bought products in my cabinet were replaced with ones I’d made, and … you know how this story goes. Lip balm led to body scrubs led to facial oils led to skin salves. I researched constantly. Made stuff people suggested – “Do you have anything for insomnia?”. And suddenly, friends wanted to buy it. Devoted fans swore allegiance. There was a demand, and 512organics  became a business almost by accident (literally: my adorable hair fella, Hervé, looked at me one day and said – in his terribly cute French accent – “You know, Brenda, you should sell this.”) So I went home and bought a website.

When organic health care remedies proved to be a popular concept (starting with an herbal decongestant salve/vapor rub that is 100% organic and free of icky stuff), I added that line, too. Friends, family & customers have been a constant source for great ideas: “I’d love it if you made (fill in the blank)”. You can thank Tonya for Drowsy Drops ™, Sue for Peace & Quiet Sleep Spray ™, Natalie for Calm the Crazy ™, and Rachel for Rachel’s Gardeners & Farmers Hand Salve! Even Neal’s gnarly beard got in on the act.

My background is in the medical industry, and I’ve learned so much about what takes care of us, and what doesn’t. Creating the healthiest products possible for you has become a real mission, with nature’s own, real science leading the charge.

The simple philosophy of being good to both the environment and our health continues to drive every decision, from choosing ingredients (if it’s possible for it to be organic, it’s organic) and packaging (we recycle shipping materials whenever possible), to whether the containers are biodegradable and/or recyclable. I firmly believe skin care and health remedies don’t have to use chemicals, additives, or fake stuff to be amazing, that we don’t have to harm the environment to take care of ourselves, and that integrity is everything. So I built this store, and what I make by hand for you is here. I really hope you’ll love it. 


Queen Bee, 512organics